Acceptance & Maintenance

NETA Acceptance & Maintenance SNEET employs a team of NETA Certified Technicians and support personnel who are experienced in all facets of electrical power system acceptance testing and maintenance, doing so in accordance with ANSI/NETA Standards.

A business hires an outside auditor to get a true assessment of their financials. For the same reason, electrical testing must be performed by a third party, independent company. Quality depends on commitment, integrity, accuracy, knowledge, and consistency. Our acceptance and maintenance services include:

  • Acceptance Testing – unbiased electrical testing results and confirmation of electrical design functionality.
  • Infrared & Ultrasonic Inspection – non-invasive infrared scanning finds defects in  connections and components, and system overloads.
  • Commissioning & Start-Up – validation of construction integrity and verification of safe, reliable and operational conditions.
  • Preventative Maintenance – regularly planned maintenance testing and actions with the intent of preventing breakdowns and failures.

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