About Us

Southern New England Electrical Testing (SNEET) is a third-party independent electrical testing company providing unbiased services in Acceptance and Maintenance Testing to NETA specifications. We also provide 24/7 Emergency, Electrical EngineeringSafety & Training, and Preventative Maintenance & Calibration services. We serve various industries throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine, New York and New Jersey.

With over 100 years of combined experience, the SNEET team provides multi-faceted independent testing from project beginnings to completion, and complete maintenance programs to fit the needs of your facility. We pride ourselves on proficiently using state-of-the-art equipment to perform electrical testing services.

SNEET began in 2007 with a team of experienced individuals contributing their expertise to form the company. From the beginning, our customers have come to us repeatedly for services and project work. We value the ever-changing electrical testing industry and pride ourselves on providing current, thorough education and training for our clients and their employees.

We are a Certified Small Business, Affirmative Action Employer. Meet Our Team

Our Qualifications and CertificationsNETA Accredited

SNEET Quality Assurance Commitment

SNEET is committed to quality in all aspects of electrical testing. Our quality assurance program ensures provides the framework that ensures continuous improvement of our testing and maintenance services, quality in our completed work, and customer satisfaction. We recognize that our customers and our ability to meet their needs are the reason for our company’s existence. Our customers rely on our expertise in electrical testing and maintenance to ensure their facilities are equipped with safe, reliable, and efficient power. We understand that their businesses depend on reliable and efficient power system integrity to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

SNEET does not rely on chance to provide customers with high quality electrical testing services. We continually rely on customer feedback to help our employees provide meet or exceed customer expectations. It’s our goal see that the customer’s needs are met the first time and every time.

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